About Company

Founded in Redmond, WA, EZHire was built by a team of professionals from various industries, all with a common challenge; to efficiently recruit and retain high quality talent in a timely manner. In today’s market, demand far exceeds supply and doesn’t allow for long, complex recruiting cycles. We need to retain candidate interest from the moment they submit their application. By eliminating the hassle of coordinating a phone screen, applicants can complete their interview at their earliest convenience.

Additionally, using traditional screening methods often disqualifies applicants based on their resume alone. A resume doesn’t predict future performance nor gage enthusiasm and work ethic. Delays in communications due to conflict and scheduling allow for lost interest and disengagement.

EZHire provides a simple, cost effective solution to address these challenges. We offer an end-to-end solution proven to deliver results. As a customer, you pay for the services you need, and can customize to meet your ongoing requirements.